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Read the organization reviews

Once you have gathered that information, start looking up the organization on sites like Glassdoor.com or Business Insights: Essentials. Look at their company description from an outside point of view. Any information you collect, or learn should be used to your advantage in an interview when asked what you know about the company. This will allow you to align yourself fully with the given organization.

Another important aspect of the company you should investigate is their customer feedback page. Most companies sell something, whether it be a product or service, so naturally they will have a part of their website dedicated to client’s giving feedback on the things they sell. Take this opportunity to look into their reviews online and see what people think of the company itself.

Remember: Most disgruntled clients will voice their concerns before a satisfied customer does, but read into what people say. However, if there is a repetitive complaint people are having with the company, make a note of it.

Maybe you can come up with an idea of how to help with it and mention your idea in the interview? Maybe you could even ask about it at the end to see how they are handling the situation?

Check out employee comments

Finally, take a few minutes to see what their previous and current employees say about the work environment as well. If they represent the environment you’ll be potentially be working in, then you would want to know what you’re getting into prior to starting the job.

Previous employee’s opinions might be skewed, depending on how they left the company, but knowing about their experiences can help you shape your own.

By showing all of this information in your interview, you showcase to the employer that you have not only taken the time to look into the organization, but that you did so thoroughly. This will depict the level of interest you have in the organization and make you more prepared for the interview than just rehearsing answers to general questions. 

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